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Car Conversations
Watch the raindrops slide down the window
As my tears stream down my face
I close my eyes and I wish and I hope
That somehow I’ll be able to escape this place
Where I would run to a loving home
With loving arms wide open
A place I want to return to
And have all of my pain end
Feel the temperature drop outside of these walls
As my body heat begins to decrease
I close my eyes and I hope and I pray
That someday from this prison I’ll be released.
Released and to be free
To have the courage to smile
Not have to worry about hiding
And everything I did was worth while
Pray that the air around us doesn’t become still
As my breathing and heartbeat end
My eyes will close and you’ll call out
I’ll be smiling; thanks for the last moments, my friend.
From that horrid place I’ve called “home”
I’ve escaped and I’ve been released
I can finally smile and not worry
And finally rest in peace.
:iconyamispharaohess:YamisPharaohess 0 0
New Light, New Life ID by YamisPharaohess New Light, New Life ID :iconyamispharaohess:YamisPharaohess 0 2 If You Want To Live... by YamisPharaohess If You Want To Live... :iconyamispharaohess:YamisPharaohess 7 3 Just a Little Angry by YamisPharaohess Just a Little Angry :iconyamispharaohess:YamisPharaohess 2 16 Atem and Karina Go Shopping by YamisPharaohess Atem and Karina Go Shopping :iconyamispharaohess:YamisPharaohess 3 10 Hidden in Echoes by YamisPharaohess Hidden in Echoes :iconyamispharaohess:YamisPharaohess 2 6 Different Worlds by YamisPharaohess Different Worlds :iconyamispharaohess:YamisPharaohess 74 8 Kibou Twilight ID by YamisPharaohess Kibou Twilight ID :iconyamispharaohess:YamisPharaohess 0 3 Somewhere Out There by YamisPharaohess Somewhere Out There :iconyamispharaohess:YamisPharaohess 55 7 Pharaoh Atem ID Contest Entry by YamisPharaohess Pharaoh Atem ID Contest Entry :iconyamispharaohess:YamisPharaohess 67 20
C-h-a-i-n R-e-a-c-t-i-o-n-s
If I don’t understand it, I’m a loser
If I ask for help I’m a failure.
If I don’t get a good grade I’m homeless
If I don’t get out of my house I’ll suffocate
If I don’t get help I’ll snap.
If I ask for help I’m pathetic weakling
If I tell anyone about this I’ll kill myself.
:iconyamispharaohess:YamisPharaohess 0 16
Believe it XD by YamisPharaohess Believe it XD :iconyamispharaohess:YamisPharaohess 2 13 Bittersweet Valentine -by EoB- by YamisPharaohess Bittersweet Valentine -by EoB- :iconyamispharaohess:YamisPharaohess 2 0
One Hundred and Sixty-Two
Its one hundred and sixty-two miles up
And one hundred and sixty-two more back down
It’s about three hours in a car
Going in and out of town.
It means I’m one hundred and sixty-two miles
Away from my room
Three hours away (times two)
Plus ninety-six more away from you.
You’re point “A” and I’m point “B”
One hundred and sixty-two miles between us
Just wait a little longer
And I promise it will be less.
One hundred and sixty-two miles later
Monday I’ll be back in school once more
I am closer to you now, yes.
But still far from the shore
One day drags on forever.
But the final bell rings right on cue
One quick ride home, and only then
Its one hundred and sixty-two seconds
Until I’m back together with you.
:iconyamispharaohess:YamisPharaohess 1 2
Baby Atemu -shaded ver.- by YamisPharaohess Baby Atemu -shaded ver.- :iconyamispharaohess:YamisPharaohess 42 33 Dan Green Club contest entry by YamisPharaohess Dan Green Club contest entry :iconyamispharaohess:YamisPharaohess 13 14

Random Favourites

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Love Poem
last night I made a man
out of pillows and forgotten
fragments of clothes
we'd pushed into my drawers.
I held my pillow-man's hand
and made sure he wasn't too warm
because it is summer;
I'm on the second floor;
and that was always your
biggest complaint.
this morning I tried to shower
but would turn off the water and run
like a soapy dog, complete with
loyal tail wagging, to the door
thinking you'd come knocking.
You hadn't.
tomorrow will taste like
the food of a week ago
and I'll wear sunglasses,
which, if you know me,
(and you do)
will seem out of context
and like a little girl
playing dress up.
I know there are supposed to be
thunderstorms, perfect
radio love songs, movies with Meg
Ryan and wondering when we'll meet
but God
doesn't budge on the details.
:iconwhokilledkirov:WhoKilledKirov 1,913 501
Is It Love?
If I hugged you,
would you never let go?
If I kissed you,
would you cherish that moment?
If I reached for your hand,
would you take mine gently?
If I needed a shoulder,
would you let me cry on yours?
If I needed to talk,
would you really listen?
If I needed to scream,
would you do it with me?
If I needed to go,
would you come with me?
If I fell for you,
would you catch me?
or just let me hit the pavement?
:iconbrokenxbeauty:brokenxbeauty 18,102 3,892
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So…. Yeah… I haven't updated in forever…. Sorry. XD

I don't really have time to write a novel, not that many people would WANT to read that, haha. But a few things have happened in October. Some good, some bad.

November has always been a sad month for me. 14 years ago my mom passed away on the 9th of November. Well, this passed year, on the 13th, my grandpa passed away from lung cancer. I cried… a lot. I was actually at work, and when I called to check in him on my break, I was told that I should get to my grandma's soon. Of course, I got out of work as soon as I could. One of the managers actually wanted me to stay, saying that working would help me get my mind off of it. Uh… I don't think so! I'm not going to work if my grandpa is DYING. Did I mention he's DYING?!?!?! Geez…. But yeah, LOTS of crying in November.
In December I got me a new, shiny laptop that's shiny! :excited: I need to get it because my computer was being a poop and got a million viruses. >.> honestly, It had about 56 of them. :faint: So it's just sitting on my room, collecting dust. Haha. I can't do much with it, just get all my music and documents from it to put on my laptop. Only bad part about this is now I'm in debt! =D Ah, oh well…. I have a job now, so I can pay if off more quickly.
December is also my birthday, turning 20, and so I'm no longer a teenager! Huzzah! Too bad there's not much of a milestone to turning 20, I guess one more year until I can legally drink? Yay? Since there's not many drinks that I even like? =P Oh well. I just went shopping for my birthday, but I still didn't have the greatest time. =/ I didn't really care, but it was still kind of a bummer. Only a couple people wished me a happy birthday, and when they did, it was like a side note like, " Oh yeah… um… happy birthday, by the way." Can't get everything, I suppose. Christmas Eve was alright. Got some good stuff. :) I'm perfectly alright with Christmas Eve with my mom's family. All the adults (plus me, the oldest grandchild) played catchphrase. THAT was too funny! :lmao: On Christmas Day with my dad's side, WOW! So many people came over to our house! We haven't had that man for maybe 6 or 7 years.
January! Well, it's a mix of things. The beginning was pretty quiet. But in Mid-January… heehee. I met this really nice guy. Let's see, he's in a group of friends who's my best friend's boyfriend's friend's friend… I think. ;P But we seem to have similar interests, and I think he may like me, if just a little bit. I look forward to seeing him this Friday if he comes to a movie night this Friday. :crossfingers: Maybe if we get a little closer I'll have to get the balls to ask him out or something. Ha ha! We'll see!!!!!
Bad side of January… Lost a contact, which costs $100 (My eyes are really messed up and I need special contacts) and then, maybe 18 hours later, I crashed my car. CURSE YOU SNOW!!!! Totaled my car. :tears: I felt bad because my uncle had just worked on it and fixed the brakes, and my grandpa, the who justpassed away gave me that car as a graduation gift. I'm keeping so many mementos from that car…!!!!!!!

And… I managed to write something of a novel or at least a chapter book. Heh… whoops…. But that's the updates for this week… err… for the few months with the rate that I've been going.

Lots of Love!!!! And Thanks for Reading!!!!!
:heart: YamisPharaohess

Question of the blog: If it's called "Hawaiian" Pizza, why is there Canadian Bacon on it? O.o


I need more time in the day...
United States
Current Residence: Minnesota
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium
Favourite genre of music: J-pop and J-rock, dance, rock, alt. rock, light rock, electronica, sometimes classical stuff too!
Favourite style of art: Photography and paintings
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Wallpaper of choice: Anything that is relevant to my interests.
Favourite cartoon character: Yami-kun!
Personal Quote: What the cheesecake?! My fave quote is, "You're worth it." ;) Good story beind it


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Happy happy birthday from all of us to you,
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Happy happy birthday from all of us to you,
We wish it were our birthday so we could party too!!

*stops singing*

Happy Birthday!! :cake: :party:
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